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The French Tailor

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Des matières et tissus de qualité

Des matières et tissus de qualité

Made-to-measure offers an infinitely wider range of fabrics than ready-to-wear. It’s impossible to imagine a store that would have the same suit in 1,500 different fabrics!


The classic range

Is composed of Vitale Barberis fabric for all seasons
-Perennial : 4 seasons in 110s, €680 (70 fabrics)
-Sunny: light wools in 120s and mohair wools, €680
Revenge in 150s, €880
Winter with its heavy weight and flannels, €680 to €880

The Italian fancy range

Ariston, €780 to €1080 (1,500 fabrics)
The Neapolitan, Ariston range is, in our view, the best value for money for both ranges Italian fancies.
The design, but also the mix of fibres give Ariston this fancy look which is so chic and so special.

Tissus Napolitain Ariston

Tissus Napolitain Ariston

The English

Hardy Minnis, €1,300
Italy seduced by its soft-touch fabrics and by its elegance.
English fabrics are the preserve of connoisseurs.
They weave their heavy fabrics in double yarns or triple twisted in warp and weft, which ensures they have an impeccable fall or hang

Hardy Minnis

Hardy Minnis

Fils doubles ou triples retords


€480 to €580
Maison anglaise offers fabrics like canvas, velvet, suede and linen in a palette of colours ranging from the classic to the ultra fancy.

Brisbane, smart casual trousers

Brisbane, smart casual trousers

For winter or summer, this English House will bring you satisfaction thanks to its wide range of hues.

Shirt fabrics

Value for money equation

Value for money equation

Before becoming tailors in 2003, we used to import French and Italian fabrics onto the Chinese market. So we know fabrics offered both in Europe and in China.

We offer a range of Chinese fabrics both single and double ply yarns, fully competitive in terms of price/quality. There is a range of 150 fabrics (the basics) for a price ranging from €70 to €89.

To complete our offer, we offer the entire range of Canclini, Italian woven, representing over 1,400 fabrics with all kinds of design and metric titration. From €119 to €189

Canclini, a very significant choice.

Canclini, a very significant choice.

The cut

The contouring/fit
A tailored suit, by definition, can fit close to the body. Of course, we are at your disposal to adjust the cut to your variations in weight.

If by mistake... you suddenly gain weight, as we produce made-to-measure fit, our seams may be let out. We could accompany you up to a 6 kg weight gain without anything being apparent. Ready-to-wear does not usually allow this possibility.

For a made-to-measure shirt, we recommend pinch darts which may also be let out. Up to 4 or 5 kg in weight gain can also be hidden.

It depends on your age, your body shape, social position and the use you want to make of your garment. We can offer you the latest on-trend cut or the classic suit that will remain timeless. We invite you to visit the "style" page to understand some of the finishes that we offer.


The average lifespan of a 4-seasons Italian suit is 5 to 6 years, if you wear it once each week. A suit in English fabric will


Measurement & tips

Quality & price

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